Netanyahu Slams Police Chief Over Criminal Allegation 'Hints'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied graft allegations

Netanyahu Slams Police Chief Over Criminal Allegation 'Hints'

Israeli police have chose to recommend that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be charged in a corruption scandal that has dogged his administration for months, multiple Israeli media outlets reported Wednesday.

Ynet reported that police are split on whether they have evidence to bring charges against Netanyahu on that that case. The attorney general is expected to take weeks or months to decide how to proceed after receiving the recommendations.

Alsheich mentioned the private investigators and plaintiff during his interview, his first since taking office more than 2 years ago, but did not identify Netanyahu by name.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his innocence in a Facebook video on Wednesday night as the possibility grows that an indictment could result from an ongoing corruption investigation.

"Netanyahu told the ministers that it would not be wise to be the vanguard in this field, noting that Canada is the only country so far that has authorized the export of cannabis", reported the Post. Netanyahu has also charged the Israeli media with spreading "fake news" in regards to the investigations.

"Any honest person would ask himself how people who say such delusional things about the prime minister can objectively investigate him and honestly give unbiased recommendations", the post said.

Netanyahu has been questioned seven times by police over the allegations.

The investigation has raised the possibility that Netanyahu, prime minister for a total of almost 12 years, will eventually be forced to resign.

Netanyahu is being probed for allegations that he accepted luxurious gifts, such as expensive cigars and champagne from wealthy supporters and made a secret deal with a newspaper publisher in order to get favorable coverage of his government's work.

The Prime Minister has consistently denied the charges, arguing that there is nothing illegal about accepting gifts from his friends. "I am certain that at the end of the day, the certified legal authorities will come to one conclusion, the simple truth: there is nothing".

An indictment alone would not legally oblige Netanyahu to resign, though he would likely face mounting pressure to do so.

Police have recommended she be "indicted on a charge of misuse of funds".

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