No. 3 Official at Justice Department to Resign

No. 3 Official at Justice Department to Resign

No. 3 Official at Justice Department to Resign

Crucially, Brand may have overseen special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe if Trump made a decision to fire deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, who he has repeatedly criticized.

Rachel Brand, third in seniority at the department after Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, and Rod Rosenstein, his deputy, is leaving to take a job in the private sector.

The US justice department's No 3 official is leaving for the top legal job at Walmart, it has emerged.

Rosenstein now oversees special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between President Trump's campaign and the Russian government.

Brand ranks below Attorney General Jeff Sessions - who recused himself from Robert Mueller's Russian investigation - and Rosenstein who is now overseeing Mueller's investigation into the Trump administration's ties with Russia. The memo alleged the Federal Bureau of Investigation abused its power regarding surveillance methods, and said Rosenstein signed off on at least one FISA application of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. That matter was the subject of a memo produced by the Republican House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes, whose document sought to call into question the methods by which the nation's top law-enforcement officials engaged in surveillance of a former Trump adviser during the 2016 election.

The White House said last week that Trump has no plans to fire Rosenstein. "I've seen firsthand his commitment to the rule of law and to keeping the American people safe". Trump also has criticized Sessions for recusing himself.

The number three official at the Dept. of Justice has just announced her resignation. When controversy over Sessions and Rosenstein's future brewed last summer, some speculated she might, at least temporarily, take the reins at the Justice Department.

Brand is an expert in national security and helped defend the administration's efforts to renew a foreign surveillance law. Vladeck explained. "In other words, Rosenstein is the crucial fulcrum between the political leadership of the Trump administration and the quasi-independent special counsel". "That leadership has been especially strong with regard to fighting human trafficking". Brand now oversees the DOJ's civil division, the civil rights division and the antitrust division.

Ms. Brand's assistant, Currie Gunn, has also left the department. And she previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

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