Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in Jenin

TPSScene of the terror attack near Ariel. Feb 5. 2018

TPSScene of the terror attack near Ariel. Feb 5. 2018

Whoever thinks that through the reprehensible murder of a resident of Gilad Farm, a father of six, that he can break our spirit and weaken us, is making a bitter mistake.

Full recognition of the outpost, however, which unlike established Israeli settlements is considered illegal under Israeli law, still faces a number of legal and bureaucratic obstacles.

On January 9 this year, the Rabbi of Havat Gilad, Raziel Shevach, was shot by a squad of terrorists in his auto going home, a heinous crime which a unified front of rightwing politicians and activists, led by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, have stated must be avenged the Zionist way - by awarding Havat Gilad a permanent status.

IDF troops operate in the Jenin area on February 3, 2018, in pursuit of Ahmed Jarrar, a suspect in the killing of Raziel Shevach.

Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman said the move to recognize Havat Gilad is "only a technical decision" meant to legalize an existing settlement and not establish a new one. In a statement, he said the Israeli-issued permits were "nearly impossible to obtain" and that demolitions such as Sunday's, among other Israeli policies, "have created a coercive environment that violates the human rights of residents and generates a risk of forcible transfer".

Netanyahu told the Cabinet he had spoken with Yael Shevach, the widow of the murdered rabbi. "To those who sanctify death, we will sanctify life", Netanyahu said adding that, "This is the essence of the government's policy".

All Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal under global law but Israel differentiates between settlements it has approved and those it has not.

According to his cabinet motion the outpost was founded in 2002 and now houses about 40 families.

Last month, Israel's Parliament passed an amendment that would make it harder for it to cede control over parts of Jerusalem in any peace deal with the Palestinians, who condemned the move as undermining any chance to revive talks on statehood.

Israel however differentiates between settlements it has approved and those it has not.

Those without approval are referred to as outposts and tend to be populated by hardline religious nationalists who see the entire West Bank as part of Israel.

"Legalizing Havat Gilad is a new height of groveling before settlers", the group said.

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