Pennsylvania gov. rejects Republican voting map proposal

Pennsylvania gov. rejects Republican voting map proposal

Pennsylvania gov. rejects Republican voting map proposal

Gov. Wolf on Tuesday rejected a congressional map proposed by Republicans, setting off yet another round of dispute about how to redraw districts that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional.

The governor must decide by Thursday whether to endorse the new congressional district outline and notify the State Supreme Court of his decision.

Under terms of a January 22 court order, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has until Thursday to tell the justices if the General Assembly has produced a map he supports.

Wolf, a Democrat, said the maps proposed last week by the top Republican leaders in the House and Senate were once again a partisan gerrymander created to favor the GOP.

Wolf pointed to several experts who said the newest GOP map was partisan.

After Republicans jumped through the hoop assigned them by Pennsylvania's highest court - a new map in two weeks - their product labeled partisan by Democrats. A court-drawn map would nearly certainly result in more Democratic-held seats-potentially as many as two to three more.

Congressman Charlie Dent says he believes that will be the case. And maybe the redrawn map is not the flawless Congressional district map for Pennsylvania.

For example, Pottstown, which votes Democratic in most elections, is divided into two districts in the state's House of Representatives with part in the 26th District represented by state Rep. Tim Hennessey, a Republican.

While the new lines are still up in the air, Democrats are expected to benefit from the redistricting and political observers predict them picking up three to five seats. The proposed map splits Montgomery County four ways and Berks County three ways for no reason other than obvious partisan motivations.

Pennsylvania is one of 12 states that the NDRC has targeted in 2018 with the group saying it hopes to help both Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf win re-election and Democratic lawmakers to win election in the General Assembly. Per the court directive on compactness and contiguous boundaries, Turzai said the new GOP-drawn map splits the fewest municipal and county splits since 1971.

Barring some kind of 11th-hour agreement at the Capitol, the court has declared its intent to impose a new set of Congressional maps by next Monday for use in the primary. He had previously indicated that if he did not approve the GOP plan, he might submit one of his own to the courts.

The new map "is indeed an extreme outlier, exhibiting a decidedly partisan skew that can not be explained by Pennsylvania's political geography or the application of traditional districting principles", she said in a

Those being the 7th district and the Lehigh Valley's 15th district. The court ruling came after voters from each congressional district and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit in summer 2017 alleging the state's 2011 congressional map is unconstitutional.

And while Republicans have argued that Pennsylvania has a natural geographic bias toward Republicans because Democrats cluster tightly in urban areas, Duchin's analysis found that the Republican map goes beyond that bias.

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