Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter

Well, the tradition states that if a groundhog emerges from his little hovel, the dirty rat, and notices a shadow because there's clear weather then he'll go back inside and winter will carry on for six more weeks. According to local lore - this was the 132nd annual Groundhog Day event, so it's been around for quite some time - if the groundhog sees his shadow upon leaving his hole, an additional six weeks of Winter are ahead.

If the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, spring is around the corner.

The top hat-wearing members of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's Inner Circle reveal Phil's forecast every February 2.

"Do we really know what the winds are out in the Pacific 500 feet above the ocean?" asked Matthew Rosencrans, head of forecasting operations at the government's Climate Prediction Center.

If you're sick and exhausted of winter, brace yourself for six more weeks of it.

The last time de Blasio held a ceremonial groundhog- a stand-in named Charlotte-was in 2014. But if skies are cloudy, and no dark shape appears, Americans can expect spring to arrive early.

How accurate are Punxsutawney Phil's predictions?

Canadians celebrate Groundhog Day, too.

People supposedly watched hedgehogs or badgers to see if they saw their shadows on Candlemas Day, celebrated each February 2nd. That means he's predicting an early spring.

Phil's keepers reported his weather prediction Friday morning on the US observance of "Groundhog Day".

The four-legged creature only has a 39 percent accuracy, according to Stormfax Almanac's data.

As the Groundhog Day website notes, there's a bit more to the tradition than you might think.

There is a distinct connection between Groundhog Day and Candlemas.

Although groundhogs have an average lifespan of six to eight years, it's still fun to believe Phil has discovered the key to living a long and healthy life. Now thousands of people from across the country travel to the small town of Punxsutawney, located 84 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

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