Rachel McAdams stars in Disobedience [Trailer]

WATCH Rachel Weisz and Rachel Mc Adams play forbidden lovers in trailer

Will their love win in the end

Bleecker Street has released the trailer for director Seabstián Lelio's upcoming drama Disobedience.

This is Lelio's English-language film debut.

Sebastian Lelio, the film's Chilean director, later said he consulted with both his lesbian friends and members of the Orthodox Jewish Community when making the film.

As it stands, the film has received a great deal of critical acclaim.

Disobedience premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival previous year to enormous critical acclaim, with many praising the impressively captivating performances from both Weisz and McAdams.

Bleecker Street has set an initial release for Disobedience on April 27, 2018. Weisz also acted as a producer on the project. The trailer shows an intense and dramatic tale of forbidden love, religious intrigue and a community that secludes itself from the wider world. There, she's reunited with Kuperman (McAdams), who's now married to one of the rabbi's devoted disciples (Alessandro Nivola). Weisz and McAdams are terrific actresses, and seeing them navigate themes of sexuality and religion should be tremendously compelling. But surprises await, chief among them the news that Dovid (Alessandro Nivola) - the heir apparent to Ronit's father and very much the son he never had - has married Ronit's childhood friend Esti (Rachel McAdams). Certainly, Disobedience is not going to be a relaxing, family-friendly watch but cinema-goers looking for a thought-provoking and intelligent piece of gripping drama will no doubt be well-catered for here. He also adapted Alderman's book for the screen with Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Disobedience is financed by Film 4 and Film Nation.

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