Sea of Thieves is 'never' going to have loot crates

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is 'never' going to have loot crates

Some new reports have surfaced that include Rare executive producer, Joe Neate, and his thoughts on Sea of Thieves and live services. Players also have the ability to use ultra-wide monitors and have a dedicated FPS counter.

First up, IGN has reported that the game will have an interesting customization system.

"If we can give cool stuff that people want to do, great, that's fine and it feels okay, because ultimately we do have to run a business right, but we spent a lot of time thinking about this and looking what player sentiment was around certain things and this just feels right", Neate added.
Sea of Thieves arrives on Xbox One and PC on March 20th.

With this being an Xbox Play Anywhere title that means you will have the option of playing on both Xbox One and PC and the game is cross-platform between both of the platforms. However, they are still planning to add microtransactions to the game about three months after release. You would spawn on an island and have to figure it out yourself.

Don't let the cartoonish looks fool you because the game is anything but family friendly. You'll be able to choose one of the eight afterwards.

Once you become a Legend, you'll gain access to a secret pirate hideout and the endgame legendary voyages, which will be the game's most hard content at launch. "[At launch], there's a lore book, featuring adventures of early players in the game's production, a separate art book, a comic, a Limited Edition controller, a branded SeaGate HDD, a tankard and more".

So now we know that Sea of Thieves will have a traditional progression chain to keep us hooked while we're sailing around the world, firing cannons, battling skeletons and digging up chests.

Rare is going overboard with performance recommendations for its upcoming nautical adventure, Sea of Thieves, including a promise that the Windows PC version of the game is created to run even on underpowered rigs. All major updates will be completely free. "We want to make sure we're enriching the experience for everyone, so new merchants, trading posts, and trading companies", Neate says. Worse still, you were just buying loot boxes meaning you were buying things blindly at the time.

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