South African charity to stockpile water for dry Cape Town

South African charity to stockpile water for dry Cape Town

South African charity to stockpile water for dry Cape Town

Soldiers have been drafted in to keep order at the 200 stations, which most of Cape Town's four million residents will need to visit each day to pick up water for drinking, cooking and washing.

According to experts, the causes of the water shortages in Cape Town are due to climate change and the population growth since the 90s.

The tourist hub of Cape Town may run dry in April and across South Africa water supplies have yet to recover from an El Nino-triggered drought two years ago, heralding potential water shortages that could hit industrial and agricultural output. Hotels have removed bath plugs and are asking guests to reuse towels, to reduce the laundry loads.

Cape Town City has another battle on their hands, and this is not at the top of the PSL, it's #DefeatDayZero.

The harsh restrictions come as the city has pleaded with the South African government to declare the situation a national disaster. It remains of fundamental importance for the public to use less than 50 litres of water per person, per day. A current cap of 87 litres is now in place.

Any Capetonians who fail to follow the new measures will see restricters installed on their taps.

"The people of the Western Cape deserve leadership and guidance during this time and all spheres of government must meet their specific responsibilities to ensure the continued availability of water".

Protestors have gathered in the city centre in recent days to demonstrate against the way the local government has handled the crisis.

Several companies reported that they are planning their own reverse osmosis desalination plants; however, the survey showed that business believed that the only solution now was a major desalination plant, rather than the small ones the city has proposed.

In a "two-way conversation", some diplomats who met officials managing Cape Town's crisis referred to water shortages in their own countries, including in Barcelona, Spain and the US state of California, said Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro, an agency that promotes tourism and trade in Western Cape province. But only about 55% of residents stuck to last week's limit of 87 litres a day.

The desalination plants designed recently by the government are to supplement the dams which are the main sources.

"It's little more than a PR exercise".

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