Spotify Experimenting With New Pandora-Inspired Streaming App

Spotify Experimenting With New Pandora-Inspired Streaming App

Spotify Experimenting With New Pandora-Inspired Streaming App

For those who can try Stations, it's designed around big font and individual playlists, all created to build around your preferences without any real user interaction beyond select the playlist.

This new playlist-based music app seems a lot like Pandora's original streaming service. It's testing a new app called Stations which is just for listening to playlists. The popular streaming service claims the app, which it quietly released on Tuesday in Austrailia, is "the easiest way to listen to the music you love". The app is totally free according to the Google Play listing which was first spotted by Variety, and is being tested as an experiment here in Australia ahead of a broader launch. When Spotify came around, people loved the option to choose music a la carte. It also touts the fact that users don't need to search for anything, or type into the app at all.

With Spotify for Artists, artists on the platform will be able to track their new music as it goes live, learn more about their listeners, and manage their presence on Spotify.

We haven't used it yet, but the app's design makes clear that Stations is created to reduce the steps and taps necessary to get to your music.

It is a free app and doesn't require a Spotify Premium subscription to access. You will also find Spotify's Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists among other things within Stations.

In case you already have the Spotify app for iOS installed on your phone, you can simply switch on the new Spotify iMessage app from the iMessage App Store. As a matter of fact, you can customize your station list.

You can scroll through stations like Classic R&B, Indie, Folk, Acoustic Hits, Feel Good, Workout, Roadtrip, and Jazz to pick whatever you're in the mood for.

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