Stormy Daniels deflects Kimmel's questions about alleged affair with Trump

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The First Lady had been silent after reports said President Trump had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels

Adding to confusion about whether Daniels denies a 2006 sexual relationship with then-businessman Donald Trump, a statement was released earlier Tuesday on Daniels" behalf that read in part, "I am not denying this affair because I was paid hush money.

Due to a possible nondisclosure agreement, Stormy Daniels couldn't give too much info, but when Jimmy Kimmel painted a picture of the affair with Trump, she quickly grew disgusted. Kimmel read excerpts from the recently published InTouch interview transcript, and Daniels claimed she didn't participate in the InTouch interview "as it is written" and hasn't read the full transcript yet. That does not look like my signature, does it? Pretty convenient timing, to say the least.

But the scotched appearance follows Daniels' super-awkward interview on Tuesday night on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in which the late-night host tried to pry information about the once-alleged affair out of the adult-movie actress to no avail.

Kimmel asked Daniels about a letter from her denying the affair again that was released before her appearance Tuesday, pointing out that her signature looked different than on previous statements and on signed photographs.

"She was having fun on Kimmel and being her normal playful self", the Guardian quoted Daniels as saying. So, instead, Kimmel made a decision to beat around the bush and ask her questions indirectly.

"You're so smart, Jimmy", she said. Daniels says that the note probably came from the internet, and jokes that, "I also work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and I'm a man... according to the internet".

Daniels: "I do not know where it came from".

A porn star alleged to have had an affair with Donald Trump has cast fresh mystery over whether or not she was paid to keep quiet. The reporter, Jordi Lippe-McGraw, who spoke with Daniels according to In Touch, confirmed to The Washington Post that the transcript was an accurate reflection of their May 2011 phone interview. In response, Daniels held up a puppet in her likeness with duct tape over its mouth. Kimmel also handed Daniels a puppet version of herself, asking the puppet Daniels about the reported relationship with Trump.

About the best he could do was get Daniels to admit that she'd had sex with a married man at a golf tournament, but - again - she wouldn't admit that it was with Trump.

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