Stormy Daniels Implies New Statement Denying Affair with Trump Is a Fraud

Stormy Daniels Implies New Statement Denying Affair with Trump Is a Fraud

Stormy Daniels Implies New Statement Denying Affair with Trump Is a Fraud

The rumors about Daniels and Trump resurfaced earlier this month, when the Wall Street Journal reported on January 12 that Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen allegedly arranged a payment of $130,000 for Daniels a month before the 2016 election. "I am denying it because it never happened".

Mr. Kimmel pointed out that the signature on the more recent statement did not appear to match her autograph on other documents. Kimmel asked her where the statement came from, and Daniels said she didn't know.

Kimmel kicked off the interview by telling Daniels that he had a "pretty clear idea" of what he wanted to ask her, but then saw a letter that denied the alleged relationship, which she supposedly signed earlier on Tuesday.

Kimmel referred to the 38-year-old Daniels as "an adult film performer" who said in a previous interview "that she could definitely describe Donald Trump's junk perfectly, if she ever had to". Since the Wall Street Journal first published its bombshell report alleging her affair with Trump, she's not exactly been in hiding.

Pornography actor Stormy Daniels has issued a new denial of allegations that she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006.

Kimmel pulled out two puppets, one of Clifford and one of Trump, and asked her a series of questions in the form of a game of "never have I ever", including "Never have I ever had sex with a married man", with Clifford animating the puppet depending on her answer. She refused to confirm that she was paid to keep her mouth shut about the alleged affair before the 2016 election.

Daniels said Tuesday night that she did do the InTouch interview, but "not as it is written".

She added she had not seen the whole transcript, in which it is claimed Daniels found Mr Trump to be "obsessed" and "terrified" of sharks.

Trump, who was once photographed with Daniels, has denied the affair. As The View reacted to this emerging fight today, Meghan McCain defended Cupp by saying what she meant was that it would be worth talking with Lewinsky again while the #MeToo movement is in full swing.

The White House has not announced an official statement pertaining to the accusations from Daniels.

Kimmel repeatedly tried to pin Daniels - real name: Stephanie Clifford - down on whether or not she had conducted an affair with Trump in the mid-2000s, whether she had signed a non-disclosure agreement to not talk about the alleged relationship and whether or not her signature on a statement denying the affair was actually, well, her signature.

Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, denied knowledge of the signed memo.

BuzzFeed reporter Anthony Cormier confirmed that the signature was in fact Daniels' following the televised interview.

During the appearance Kimmel asked Cliford what she thought of Trump bringing three women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct to a presidential debate in 2016, especially if she thought it was "odd". But Daniels dodged his questions and did not give any substantial answers.

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