Super-blue-blood-moon a rare phenomenon

Eclipse 2018 NASA map

NASAEclipse 2018 map The super blue blood moon's path of totality misses the UK

STARGAZERS across the United Kingdom were treated overnight to a rare event as Britain witnessed a super blue moon rising. Here are some of the best.

"The moon orbits the earth, in an ellipse, so sometimes the moon is close to the earth than other times and we call that the Perigee, and that's going to happen through Wednesday night". It's rare for all three events to coincide - the last time they did in the Western Hemisphere was in 1866.

The moon rises between two office buildings in Bangkok. (AFP) Full moon rises beside the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

Several hundred people gathered at the Bunbury Recreation Ground to see the phenomenon of the super blue blood moon first hand.

Astrophysicist Alan Duffy said the random event is a rare trifecta, with the moon appearing bigger and a third brighter before it turns red when the moon passes into the earth's shadow and reflects the sun back at the earth.

A plane flies passing the moon over Los Angeles, California.

He also noted that Aristotle used lunar eclipses to deduce the Earth was a sphere when it was commonly believed that the Earth was flat.

The progress of the penumbral shadow becomes apparent when more than half of the moon is covered by it.

The optimum time to view the UK's super blue moon was around 12.40am on Thursday, February 1, when the moon was at its highest. The total solar eclipse that swept across the August contributed to Wednesday's buzz, he noted.

Many organisations across the country stepped in to enhance the show which was also visible to the naked eye. Indonesians observed a total lunar eclipse phase using a telescope at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.

"And then the third thing is the "blood moon".

The Super Blue Blood Moon sets behind the Staten Island Ferry, seen from Brooklyn.

"The moon is one of the most awesome objects in our solar system", Petro said.

"We are really excited that people chose to get up early and come see this rare lunar eclipse", Greenhouse said.

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