Swipe Keyboard for iOS and Android with Dragon Dictation Has Been Discontinued

Swype Keyboard for Android and iOS has been Discontinued

Swipe Keyboard for iOS and Android with Dragon Dictation Has Been Discontinued

However, the Nuance's product team responded back with a shocking statement that the company will no longer provide any updates for the Swype+Dragon keyboard for Android. For those who don't remember or did not know about it, Swype was a keyboard app for Android that lets users compose messages by swiping from letter to letter, as opposed to tapping them one by one. We hope you enjoyed using Swype, we sure enjoyed working with the Swype community. As per XDA Developers, Nuance has confirmed the discontinuation on the development of Swype with Dragon Dictation for Android. The user complied and provided what was needed but received a response that suggested the app was no longer supported by the developer.

Swype Keyboard was launched by the same company behind the "Dragon" natural speaking software back in 2013 and is easily available in Play Store.

Nuance meanwhile has also stated it wasn't the easiest of decisions on their part to abandon the Swype keyboard. So moving all efforts into the AI side concentrating on b2b operations is probably what better suits the company. It was popular for a while, even with a privacy issue or two.

Curious, we went looking online and discovered a Zendesk article from Nuance that announced the iOS version of the app would be discontinued as well.

Swype, one of the original apps we ever covered on this site, has apparently been put to rest by its owners. However, most users claim that Swype is both accurate and quicker than the competition.

Swype has been discontinued. Which keyboard app will you now switch to?

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