Trump wants to dramatically slash clean energy research by 72 percent

Trump wants to dramatically slash clean energy research by 72 percent

Trump wants to dramatically slash clean energy research by 72 percent

According to a draft 2019 budget proposal obtained by the Washington Post, the White House is doing exactly what everyone expected: slashing Energy Department funding for renewable energy by 72 percent overall.

One can though say that, the White House already sought to cut it down to $636 million this past year, but Congress later rejected this by supporting higher numbers. Yet nothing is final; even the budget for this year has not been approved and federal agencies are operating on a string of continuing resolutions, the last of which expires next week. The department's budget is now $2.04 billion. Beijing calculates the resulting "employment will be more than 13 million people".

The official budget is due to be announced later this month, but the Washington Post quoted an unnamed source as saying that the budget request had been lowered after negotiations with the Office of Management and Budget so that more money would go into nuclear energy-a sector that Energy Secretary Rick Perry favors, the daily reports. It also suggested reducing the agency's staff from 680 in 2017 to 450 in 2019. Trump had requested that the Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy only receive $636.1 million in its budget for the 2018 fiscal year, a decline of almost 70 percent from its current budget of $2.04 billion.

But the funding requests for next year represent a double whammy for renewable energy after the administration last week imposed tariffs on imported solar panels.

Energy Department spokesperson Shaylyn Hynes said that "anyone who questions this Administration's commitment to an all-of-the-above energy approach simply look at our record". Its SunShot Program has significantly reduced the total costs of solar energy. "Now is not the time to slash funding for this promising research".

The EERE cuts are unlikely to pass through Congress unchanged.

The cuts are part of Trump's so-called "energy dominance" strategy which focuses on promoting fossil fuels.

But the most cuts are proposed for fuel efficient vehicles, research into bioenergy technologies and solar energy technology research. It would drop to $575.5 million under the proposal. Most DOE funds go to clean up nuclear waste sites across the USA, and to maintain the country's stockpile of nuclear weapons.

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