Trump's Boast of Low Black Unemployment Shattered by New Numbers

President Trump Addresses The Nation In His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

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As he sees it, not screwing up economic policies that improved unemployment numbers for African-Americans was not enough to make up for the lack of respect coming from the President of the United States, who has made a number of comments that were not well-regarded by said community, with examples ranging from what he has said about black communities to black National Football League players.

-Members of the Congressional Black Caucus wore Kente cloth-inspired prints to the State of the Union address standing in solidarity with Americans, Haitians and the African nations smeared by President Trump's racist rhetoric. The first is that many Democrats think that Trump is taking undue credit for an achievement for which he can't claim responsibility.

In his inaugural State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Donald Trump boasted about the state of the economy, specifically citing the record-low unemployment rate of black individuals. Still, the black unemployment rate is much higher than that of whites, Hispanics and Asians.

The speech, historically a list of priorities for presidents, was also about what Trump didn't say. In December, black unemployment was at 6.8 percent, by January, it had risen to 7.7 percent. He spoke for the poorest and most vulnerable among us, who are the chief victims of the Democrats' determination to welcome millions upon millions of illegal aliens, who are mainly low wage laborers and who include predatory criminals, to pour into our country; to defy federal law with their "sanctuary" states and cities, and to effectively declare our border and immigration policies null and void. Most people in the public believe they do. "Money doesn't equate to happiness". You treat people like human beings.

Don't expect President Trump to tweet any time soon about Black unemployment. That's the main point.

And that's the bottom line that Trump's artfully sculpted speech exposed.

While speaking at a Republican retreat two days later, Trump blasted Democrats for not applauding or celebrating that SOTU remark, complaining, "You would've thought that on that one, they would've sort at least clapped a little bit". Bannon addressed his group last month. "What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump?"

Trump did not use the word "sedition" to describe the law-breaking and Constitution-negating actions of his Democratic predecessor or the Democrats assembled in the chamber of the House. It's true that Donald Trump needs to be liked by everyone all of the time, which is absolutely the worst trait that any president can possess.

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