US probe looking at Kushner foreign business contacts

US probe looking at Kushner foreign business contacts

US probe looking at Kushner foreign business contacts

Now that these interactions are likely to be scrutinized, it is possible that Mueller will look into Kushner Companies' financial state, as well as their dealings with Russian, Chinese and Qatari organizations.

Mueller was initially investigating the Russian contacts of Kushner - who is also President Donald Trump's son-in-law - but has now expanded the scope of enquiry to look at his discussions with other players, including China, CNN reported.

Mueller's team is probing Kushner's conversations during the presidential transition to get financing for the Kushner Companies-backed 666 Fifth Avenue office building in NY after financial setbacks, CNN said, citing people familiar with the investigation.

According to the news network, this is the first indication that Mueller's enquiry into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election is focussing beyond Kushner's alleged Russian contacts.

During the presidential transition period Kushner spoke to foreign contacts from over 15 countries, according to a statement he provided to Congressional investigators.

Kushner allegedly sought out Chinese investors during the transition.

But the talks broke down, the Times said. But that deal also failed. The building came under financial pressure during the housing crisis, and in 2011 Vornado Realty Trust stepped in with financing, taking on a 49.5% stake in the building. Nor would there be any reason to question these regular business transactions, Lowell said in a statement to CNN.

A meeting that Kushner had during the transition period with Sergey Gorkov, chairman of the Russia-owned bank Vnesheconombank, is also coming under scrutiny. But the Russian bank maintains that the sit-down in NY was part of their "roadshow of business meetings" and that Gorkov met Kushner because he ran Kushner Companies. And The Washington Post has reported that Mueller is probing that meeting as well. He said he was ready to cooperate fully with the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, and, according to some, could testify against the President trump and other members of the U.S. administration.

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