Valentine's Day vs Ash Wednesday

Valentine's Day vs Ash Wednesday

Valentine's Day vs Ash Wednesday

Archbishop Loy Chong said "Lent is not about giving up as it is about returning to the source that is God".

However Christians only fast for 40 days, as the six Sundays leading up to Easter Sunday are not included.

As for Easter falling on April Fool's Day, Fr. Lugger says a scripture teacher in seminary speculated that the original Easter Sunday may have happened on April Fool's Day, and that Jesus "fooled the world" by rising from the dead.

Instead of a formal worship service, commuters will be able to receiving a prayer, and ashes on their forehead or hand, all while sitting in their vehicle.

"Just because it's Ash Wednesday doesn't mean you can't go out and celebrate love", said the Rev. Tom Warne of Church of the Good Shepherd. Self denial is a common practice observed by many Christians which is one part of Christian faith. While Lent is all about fasting and abstaining self from having meat, V-day is mostly is contrary.

This year's Lenten season ends on April 1st-Easter Sunday. This is treated as a period of reflection and a time for fasting from food and festivities.

During Lent, many people decide to give something up that they love - perhaps chocolate or biscuits.

Columba Catholic Church, said the ashes are an important physical reminder of the importance of Lent.

"When I was younger, it acted as a sort of identifier". But you'll see people wearing them Wednesday. The crosses created an instant connection between my peers and myself.

"Father Richard Hall will be celebrating the mass for us". The excitement is less focused on the conversations I have with others and more so on the conversation I have with myself - 'What am I going to give up this year?

Today, Deacon plans to enjoy a fish fry at home with her fiancée, Jess Schneider, who grew up Catholic. "It's a time for us to take inventory of our lives and look at those things that are not like God". Catholics mark the start of the Lenten season today which is Ash Wednesday.

"As Catholics, we recognize Ash Wednesday as the solemn beginning of a period of prayer, penance, and works of charity", said Bishop Ronald W. Gainer in a statement released February 5 by the Diocese of Harrisburg.

This is the flyer for the Ash Wednesday service.

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