Watch pairs figure skating short program team event online

2018 Winter Olympic Games- Season 2018

Watch pairs figure skating short program team event online

Once the men's scores and pairs' scores were added, Canada led the team event followed by the USA and Japan.

"We definitely look at how our skaters have performed internationally this season, how they have done against the athletes who we perceive will be in the team event", said Slipchuk.

The fact that Chen even attempted such a jump gave Team USA enough points to boost them to fourth place.

Chen, the only undefeated men's skater in the world this season, fell on the jump that has been his nemesis for several years, the triple axel, turned one of his vaunted quads into a double and failed to add a triple toe loop on the end of his first quad. With his parents, four siblings and US teammates looking on as a national TV audience tuned in back home, Chen barely put a foot right, wobbling on his opening quadruple jump and falling on a subsequent triple Axel. It would be good to put the program out there before I get to do the individual.

OAR skaters Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov placed atop the pairs short program standings, with Canadians Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford in second and Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot of Germany in third.

Nathan Chen finished in fourth place (80.61) after his Short Program to "Nemesis" by Benjamin Clementine after taking a fall on a triple Axel. "The music choices are something that I feel very attached to, especially the short", she said.

"It wasn't nerves", Chen told reporters after his score was posted - an 80.61 that reflected three major mistakes in a two-minute 40 second short program. "We've all known each other so long, and it's just this incredible story that we've all been through, and it's coming to its conclusion, and we want to make it the best possible".

"Honestly, just let myself down", he said. The combined performances leave Canada in first place overall after Day One of the three-day competition. The two-time national champions are the only USA pair in PyeongChang, but have said they don't find competing four times in the span of a week daunting. The 2018 Canadian Olympic team is made up of 225 athletes this year. They are both first-time Olympians. "I thought I might make a mistake, too, and I did, but I was able to overcome it". His low score could offer a blow to the United States as he finished fourth for the night (7 points). "We hope our performance will motivate the rest of the team". "Daniel (Samohin) was the first skater to win a medal at Junior Worlds (2016; gold) and I was the first to win medals at the Grand Prix (2016 Rostelecom Cup; bronze) and European Championships (2016; silver)".

Tennell has an opportunity to find a rhythm on the pressure-packed Olympic ice in the team event before she tries to shock the world much like she did a month ago on home soil.

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