Woman in China rides through X-ray scanner rather than part with purse

Chinese woman rides through X-ray scanner rather than parting with purse

Shocking! Chinese woman passenger climbs into X-ray machine to protect handbag at Dongguan station

"You see new unusual things every day", a person wrote on social media after seeing the Dongguan footage. The security staff at the station were shocked to see the silhouette of a woman that they noticed on the X-ray screen, according to a DailyMail report.

When you're about to go on any trip, one of the biggest ball-aches is getting through security.

Video from the digital news platform Pear Video, linked on the Facebook page of the state-run People's Daily newspaper and widely picked up online, showed a guard apparently telling the woman that, yes, small bags need to go in the machine, too.

It's still not known why the woman climbed into the X-ray machine.

But officers were stunned when she started to climb on herself and were left so speechless they did not stop her as she collected her bags and rushed to get her train.

It's unclear though why she did such a thing - possibly she had a lot of cash that's traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year. The powerful X-rays machines which are used for security purposes are quite harmful to health, because the radiation exposure can cause cell mutations that may lead to cancer.

Cameras in a Chinese airport captured the moment a passenger chucked himself in a large scanner at a security checkpoint.

The woman refused to be parted from her handbag and jumped on after it at a station.

Would you ever climb into an X-ray machine for your precious belongings?

An unbelievable photograph shows the women on all fours on a conveyor belt as she follows her bag as it passes through the security scanner.

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