YouTube TV raising price, adding more channels for cord cutters

YouTube TV raising price, adding more channels for cord cutters

YouTube TV raising price, adding more channels for cord cutters

Those Turner-owned channels are pretty standard offerings among live TV streaming services.

The website BuzzFeed first reported on Tuesday that YouTube TV will be adding TNT, Adult Swim, TBS, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies to its channel lineup. The cable-free live television service, which launched a year ago, has also added a selection of sports content.

But wait, there's more!

In addition, YouTube TV will soon add NBA TV and MLB Network to the base package.

The company is also set to become a sports fan's favourite with users gaining the ability to stream nationally televised NBA games, the NBA All-Star weekend (coming up this Sunday!), the NBA Playoffs, MLB post-season games, the PGA Championship, and UEFA soccer.

Finally, Google announced that on March 13, the monthly price of the base YouTube TV service will be going up to $40 per month.

Here is a quick look at YouTube TV's new Roku Channel. The cord-cutting TV service wasn't initially available in many markets and wasn't available on that many devices, either.

YouTube TV is available in over 100 markets in the U.S. Its features also include unlimited cloud DVR and up to size accounts per household.

YouTube TV launched last April in major markets including the New York City metro, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Chicago and Philadelphia. Some of the newest markets include Lexington, Dayton, Honolulu, Richmond, Mobile, and Syracuse. At dispatch YouTube TV offered just about 50 directs in five markets.

YouTube's streaming TV service is getting a bunch of new channels-and a higher price. If you're already subscribed or if you subscribe before the price increase, you'll be locked into that $35 price, which is definitely tempting.

How much additional traction YouTube TV will get from adding Turner's CNN, TNT, TBS and others remains to be seen.

What do you think of this YouTube TV expansion?

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