Almost half of Canada's Paralympic team has ties to BC

Cross-country skiers get in some training in the snow

The snow in South Korea has affected the preparations for the Games

"As I mentioned during my closing remarks at the Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, with North Korea and South Korea entering together at the Opening Ceremony and forming a unified team of the two Koreas, I think that this mode of peace is now going beyond the Games", he said.

The Paralympics organisers have said 275,000 tickets have been sold, about 89% of those made available so far. Six sports and 80 medal events will feature in the nine-day event.

Snowboarder Owen Pick, who will be carrying the British flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics. The games run through March 18.

The IPC and the countries' Paralympic representatives met in the Paralympic Village to discuss the possibility of marching under the same conditions as their Olympic counterparts, but a deal couldn't be reached.

"We are not anxious about fitting everything in - there are plans in place".

North Korea's delegation to the Paralympics said on Thursday it "does not accept the fact that Dokdo can not be marked due to political issues held in Korea", according to the statement from the Korea Paralympic Committee.

The charm offensive was hailed by some as a breakthrough in relations but conservatives in the South issued warnings and the USA was unmoved in its tough diplomatic stance. North Korea also insists that Dokdo belongs to the Korean nation.

Yong Lee, the team's head coach, held a press briefing to blast the South Korean government for not increasing support after a successful Winter Olympics. "All of us worked hard together, but no one knows the people who contributed behind the scenes".

South Korea's organising committee plans to maximise this opportunity to increase exchanges with North Korea.

Players have also abused the system - 10 members of a Spanish basketball team were stripped of gold medals they won at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics in the intellectual disability category after it was revealed they had no mental handicap.

"We have been working closely with the organising committee but when it comes to the skiing we have to see how it goes - and see about the quality and how much snow we have. And if there is anything that you remember, it is that Korea can host a great competition and that we have a unique culture that you want to tell your friends and colleagues about in your home country". "We are privileged to work with them and are sure they will continue the terrific success that Team Canada had in February in PyeongChang".

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