Amazon's Alexa is down for everyone right now


Amazon's Alexa is down for everyone right now

Alexa is a skilled digital assistant that is capable of a great many things. Just like Microsoft translator and Google Translate, Alexa could place many language translators out of business. Amazon also plans to instruct Alexa to translate conversations between people that are from different countries and are speaking simultaneously to one another. It aims to make Alexa a context-savvy language translator and the report claims that the Alexa group at the company is "seriously exploring" ways to make Alexa more useful across different languages and cultures. Someday, we're hoping it will hold a more intelligent and more natural conversation with the translation included as one of Alexa's skills. It would ideally have an understanding of Japanese culture as well and would incorporate that knowledge into its translations. "Alexa, what do I say to the father of the bride at a wedding in Japan?"

Alexa is already capable of translating short terms and phrases from Spanish, German, Italian, French, and English into native languages.

"For instance, if a person from the US, who only speaks English, attends a wedding in Tokyo and doesn't speak Japanese, Alexa would be able to help that person hold a conversation in Japanese. Direct Connect connections from the Equinix DC1 - DC6 & DC10 - DC12, Ashburn, VA and CoreSite VA1 & VA2, Reston, VA locations are affected by this issue", Amazon said on its status page.

Yahoo's anonymous sources also discussed the physical Alexa device. Google Pixel Buds has a similar feature and obviously work with a Google Assistant.

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