Chat replay, automatic captions, location tags

Chat replay, automatic captions, location tags

Chat replay, automatic captions, location tags

When professionally provided captions aren't available, YouTube's new live automatic captions will fill the void.

Youtube launched automatic captions back in 2009, and since then, they've auto-captioned a staggering 1 billion videos. Part of the fun of watching a live stream is watching the comments scroll by, as viewers react to the host in real-time. Clicking or tapping on that location tag will show the users other videos from that area and they can also filter search based on location to see only videos recorded nearby. Don't expect these captions to be 100 percent flawless with no lag, but YouTube's live automatic speech recognition technology offers "error rates and latency approaching industry standards".

YouTube creators can now geotag the location they are recording at, while streaming live from their smartphone.

As more and more people get into live streaming their events, promotions, or even just their thoughts and stuff, we know that the brands will continue to add more features to engage both the content creators and the audience that consume these live videos.

Lastly, YouTube also introduced Location Tagging to Live videos. This feature allows creators to share their favorite spots with their viewers, and viewers can in turn explore other videos tagged with the same location.

During the live broadcast YouTube Live works chat, with which users can interact with the author and among themselves.

Google has been working on the issue for more than a decade, adding basic captioning in 2006 and rolling out automatic captions a few years later.

So far, Super Chat has only been available on Android devices and the desktop, but from today support is being added for iOS devices.

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