Corey Feldman Stabbed, Police Investigating Incident

Ex-child actor Corey Feldman claims to be victim of road rage

Corey Feldman reported being confronted and stabbed in the Los Angeles suburb of Tarzana yesterday. – AFP pic

I was attacked tonight! A man opened my vehicle door and stabbed me [with] something!' he began. "Please say prayers 4 us!" he said, evidently referring to himself and his wife of 16 months, Courtney Anne Mitchell.

The former child star claims he was stopped at a traffic light Tuesday, March 28, in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley with his bodyguard when three men approached the vehicle.

Feldman has alleged that he and others were sexually abused when they were child actors by those in the entertainment industry.

Los Angeles police had previously investigated Feldman's claims about a long-running Hollywood pedophilia ring. Feldman was reportedly at the house and he had a minor abdominal wound caused by an unknown sharp object.

Feldman believes that the group of people who have been harassing him online are responsible. Feldman said alongside photos of himself laying in a hospital bed and being checked on. Feldman tweeted that he sees a correlation between him speaking out on the topic and Tuesday night's attack, which he says is being investigated as an attempted homicide.

The man who Corey says attacked him was a "total stranger", according to TMZ.

For now, we can only hope Corey is healthy and safe. "I have reason 2 believe its all connected!"

"I am beyond proud of the way my Husband handled the hard hitting questions dolled out by NBC's Matt Lauer yesterday morning", she wrote at the time. He's raised almost $30,000 of a $100,000 goal so far.

Mandy News have reached out to the LAPD for comment.

"I'm sure this is a result of those negative actions!", Feldman said via Twitter with regard to his hospitalization Tuesday.

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