Drenched central United States braces for more river flooding

Drenched central United States braces for more river flooding

Drenched central United States braces for more river flooding

Between 1.5 and 2.5 inches of rain fell across the region from Saturday night into early Sunday morning accompanied by damaging high winds and an unconfirmed report of a tornado in Brown County.

Areas of northern and central West Virginia received about 3/4 of an inch to one inch of rain. Backwater flooding from the Ohio River can worsen on area creeks, especially along the Ohio side of the river through Scioto and Adams counties.

Preparations by local and state officials ahead of heavy rains and expected flooding helped OH "dodge a bullet" with no loss of life reported as of Sunday night, Republican Gov. John Kasich said. If it does, it would be the second highest in over 50 years.

The forecasted levels, in the major flooding category, didn't come because the storm the National Weather Service believed would cause the river to exceed flood stage went elsewhere, 911 Director Rick Woodyard said on Monday.

These 17 counties join the entire state of Kentucky now under a state of emergency, and large bodies of waters are expected to swell. "Be sure to use extra caution as you travel to work or school", JCPS announced. On its website, the weather service specifically notes "much of Portsmouth itself is protected by flood walls". The Ohio River rose more than 20 feet above normal, stranding residents, waterlogging cars and submerging local homes and businesses.

With rain in the forecast midweek, could we see the river rise again?

The rain will linger until this front and area of low pressure push further south, which we expect it to do overnight.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated over the last several days as rising waters reached their homes and nearby roads.

"We're pumping 420 gallons a minute", he said as a hose pumped water out from the basement into the street. "Until the water recedes, we simply will not know".

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