Facebook revamps privacy tools as tighter EU rules draw near

Facebook revamps privacy tools as tighter EU rules draw near

Facebook revamps privacy tools as tighter EU rules draw near

Facebook said that it also removed outdated settings that can make it confusing to know which of the user's information is being shared with third-party apps.

Still firmly in damage limitation mode, Facebook has announced updates to how its bewildering settings menus are displayed and how the privacy of its two billion users can be tightened.

A spokeswoman for the House Energy and Commerce Committee said Tuesday that the committee is working with Facebook to determine a day and time for Zuckerberg to testify. "We've also cleaned up outdated settings so it's clear what information can and can't be shared with apps".

In addition, Facebook is also facing widespread criticism for collecting years of contact names, telephone numbers and call and text histories from Android users.

The mobile settings page prior to the redesign, at left, and after it, at right.

"We're taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people more in control of their privacy", they confirmed.

Finally, Facebook is introducing tools which make it claims make it easier for users to find, download and delete the data the social giant has stored on them.

In a blog post written by company executives, the company unveiled a redesigned user interface that helps users secure their accounts faster, change privacy settings and even delete their data if needed.

"If we find developers that misused personally identifiable information, we will ban them from our platform", Archibong said, adding that the changes are meant to "help mitigate any breach of trust with the broader developer ecosystem". Instead of spreading the settings across nearly 20 different pages, they are now all accessible from one screen.

On March 23, a notice seeking details relating to breach of data from Facebook had been sent to Cambridge Analytica particularly with regard to reports about questionable practices attributed to Cambridge Analytica in their efforts to influence elections.

The post also said: "We've worked with regulators, legislators and privacy experts on these tools and updates".

"The recent news about Facebook's alleged mismanagement of users' data has solidified our decision to suspend our activity on the platform at this time", said a statement from Playboy.

From the new centralized page, people will be able to opt out of sharing certain traits - for example, they can indicate that they no longer want to be identified as someone who loves cats. In the new centralized page, people will be given a streamlined list of what each app is collecting on them, as well as the ability to delete the apps.

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