Is Apple Planning on Retiring the Beats Electronics Name?

Apple Beats 10

Two pairs of Beats headphones. The new Apple headphones will have a similar

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple's forthcoming iOS 12 mobile operating will bring a new tool dubbed as Digital Health, which enables parents to monitor the time their kids spend on their iPad and iPhones. Kuo believes that due to increasing demand and an expected 100-200% growth in 2018, Apple is looking to speed-up the production of AirPods. It is not mentioned, but the headphones will likely be wireless as well.

Along with the over-ear headphones, Apple is said to also be working on their second interaction of AirPods where the company will introduce some improvements, as well as possible color options. Further, the headphones are expected to be higher priced compared to the AirPods, the analyst says. Apple is said to be working with the metal injection molding company SZS, and is planning to ship its headphones later in 2018.

Since purchasing Beats Electronics in 2014, Apple has continued to update the brand by releasing new products each year. "Kuo states that the new headphones will feature an "all-new" design" but doesn't share any specifics. These would be wireless and will also possibly incorporate AirPods wireless chip, reports Gizbot. Admittedly, tapping the Airpods twice to activate the personal assistant doesn't sound like too much work, but they still decided to make it even easier. Currently, AirPods come fitted with a W1 chip, whereas the Apple Watch sports a W2. The users will now be able to activate the little helper simply by saying the phrase "Hey Siri". How much could Apple get away with charging for these new over-ear headphones?

Apple AirPods, which were launched about two years back, are one of the most successful products of the company. Also, its ease of use and relatively affordable pricing is a major reason for its success.

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