Macabre bag containing 54 severed human hands found in Russian Federation

The frozen Amur river near the city of Khabarovsk Siberia Russia

The frozen Amur river near the city of Khabarovsk Siberia Russia. De Agostini—Getty Images

Russian investigators say no foul play is suspected in the discovery of a bag containing almost two dozen amputated human hands that washed up this week on an island near the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk. This led to the discovery of a bag full of human hands - 54 hands to be precise.

Two fisherman have made a grisly discovery on an island in the Amur River, near Khabarovsk in the far east of Russian Federation, when they stumbled upon a severed hand.

Investigators have found fingerprints on one of the hands and are checking the others.

And for anyone who has watched as much CSI: Miami as we have, you'll be intrigued to know fingerprints have been retrieved from one of the hands so far.

Most were hidden in a bag which was found on the ice-clad island.

'So there is nothing criminal in the fact that hands were cut off from dead bodies for the objective of taking fingerprints?'

It is believed the hands were stored at a forensic laboratory but later disposed of in an "inappropriate way".

Officers are now reported to be "carrying out checks and studying all the circumstances of this event" a spokesperson from the Russian Investigation Committee told the Siberian Times.

"As locals have commented on social media" 'It's too early to say there is no criminal intent here'.

The hands were likely cut off in a medical institution, perhaps as medical amputations (weird and unlikely given they were found in matching pairs), or they were chopped off cadavers as practice for medical students.

The initial discovery sparked fears there could have been a serial killer on the loose - or that the finding was somehow related to organised crime gangs who wanted to remove the hands so victims could not be identified by their fingerprints.

A macabre find was made in a city in south-east Russia: Twenty-seven pairs of what appear to be human hands, local reports say.

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