National Football League owners approve new catch, ejection rules

National Football League owners approve new catch, ejection rules

National Football League owners approve new catch, ejection rules

In this, we're basically getting to a technique that is just too unsafe for both the player doing it and the player that's getting hit.

NFL owners voted on Tuesday to overturn the league's confusing catch rule, but will the new verbiage make a difference?

National Football League owners assembled for their annual meeting regarding specific rule changes that will be implemented during the upcoming season.

More questions about specific scenarios - and shock - were the initial responses among players, media and fans when they learned such a major shift was occurring.

However, little doubt exists that the National Football League has become determined to address in an aggressive manner a 2017 season that saw 291 concussions, the highest total ever, and a severe spinal injury to Ryan Shazier a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers, on a play that would have fallen under the rule established on Tuesday.

The league announced in January that, according to its preliminary injury data, concussions suffered by players increased by almost 16 percent last season over the 2016 season. He stated that several plays from past years have been looked at and reviewed to help come up with the correct language for the new rule. The former Lions receiver appeared to have a game-winning touchdown grab in 2010 against the Bears.

The NFL is taking another crack at its catch rule. In doing so, as Bryant switched the ball into his left hand and reached the ground, the ball moved.

Did Dez catch it?

The new, streamlined rule no longer includes thick language describing the despised concept requiring a pass catcher to maintain firm possession of the ball throughout the process of falling to the ground. The play was under significant heat because he was able to take multiple steps before going to the ground. This is similar to the targeting rule in college football. However, don't expect this to be a magic pill that will make every replay decision a simple black and white answer.

Under the new rule, infamous calls like the Dez Bryant non-catch against the Green Bay Packers in the 2014 playoffs and Jesse James' play against the New England Patriots late last season would now be ruled complete passes. This reversal likely cost the Steelers the number one seed in the AFC Playoffs.

While there are still believed to be some gray areas in the newly modified catch rule, at least it seems like the recent changes are a move in the right direction.

" Or the ability to perform such an act". You can't replace the fans. We know what a catch is.

In hopes of clarifying what has consistently been one of the most frustrating issues on the field, the league announced Tuesday that it had redefined, and hopefully simplified, what constitutes a catch.

Until we see the rule put into practice in games that count - you may see excessive flags in the preseason as a form of adjusting players to the change - it'll be hard to gauge just how big a difference this rule will have on the games.

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