Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law Signed by Washington Governor

Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law Signed by Washington Governor

Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law Signed by Washington Governor

He said that because the internet is an interstate service, only Congress can pass legislation "that gives all consumers and internet services providers the clarity and consistency needed for a free and open internet". The agency's order repealing its net neutrality rules cites a long history of preempting state law. OR actually passed a similar state legislation protecting net neutrality earlier in 2018. It also prohibits them from throttling traffic on the basis of content and from prioritizing traffic.

Inslee said he was confident of its legality, saying "the states have a full right to protect their citizens".

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law rules banning ISPs from blocking content, throttling traffic, or accepting payment for prioritization.

Another half dozen tech companies are jumping into the legal battle over the FCC's decision to undo net neutrality rules. But FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed to the head of the commission by President Donald Trump, succeeded in repealing the policy a year ago.

The Washington State law, which goes into effect June 6, bars internet service providers from blocking websites or charging more for faster delivery of certain sites in a way that benefits the broadband company and partner websites. They've argued the 2015 rules were too burdensome and held back investments.

"This is not a partisan issue", Norma Smith, a Republican who co-sponsored the bill in the House, said in a statement last month.

Although Gov. Inslee said during the signing that Washington is "the first state in the nation to preserve the open internet", it isn't exactly the case, as the Associated Press mentioned. It allows a student in Washington to connect with researchers all around the world - or a small business to compete in the global marketplace. During a ceremony for the bill signing, he called the legislation a "free speech bill".

More: Net neutrality: The FCC voted to end it. The difference is that Washington's law will put new requirements on ISPs, and that violations will be enforceable thanks to the state's Consumer Protection Act.

Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, filed a suit federal court in Washington, D.C. last month challenging the FCC's new rules.

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