New Apple iPhone Models Include Largest Screen Ever

New Apple iPhone Models Include Largest Screen Ever

New Apple iPhone Models Include Largest Screen Ever

Apple reportedly launch it's largest iPhone ever, as well as a budget-friendly model later this year.

But, the increase in price, also resulted in Apple raking in 13 percent more revenue in the quarter than the same period past year. Bloomberg reports that it's the largest iPhone ever which Apple is now working on to give a stiff competition to the likes of what Samsung loyalists have seen with the Galaxy Note 8.

Rumors are mounting that Apple will release a trio of new iPhones later this year, including a Plus-sized iPhone X successor that may have a larger display than the recently revealed, 6.2-inched Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The display size of iPhone X SE will be 6.1-inch that will roll out somewhere between iPhone X next generation and iPhone X Plus launch.

In some regions, Apple may offer a dual-SIM card option for the larger iPhone.

As far as tidbits go, Apple is said to include a gold option for the two higher-end iPhones for 2018. Allowing apple to cater to markets with a demand for more budget devices. This makes sense, since the iPhone X hasn't done as well as the company hoped it would, likely due to its $999 price and smaller size compared to the Plus models. It was apparently trying to do this a year ago with the original iPhone X, but had to abandon the effort because of production problems.

Apple is to launch a enormous new iPhone with a 6.5-inch screen later this year - bigger than any previous iPhone handset. Still, Apple may ultimately decide not to proceed with the color.

Could be possible to have a future iPhone Dual Sim? There is a chance Apple may hold out this feature and wait for the E-SIM instead.

"It's good that they're rounding out the product line" with a less expensive phone, Munster says.

Apple's reported decision to create a large, bezel-less phone with a screen of around 6.5 inches is a smart move, especially in burgeoning markets in Asia, said Rob Enderle, president of tech research firm the Enderle Group. This phone will use an aluminum frame, rather than a stainless steel one.

Apple has tried selling cheaper phones in the past with poor results.

Apple is about to expand its lineup by launching a whole new collection of smartphones to choose from.

This time, the company is trying something different: using a cheaper body but including the features - Face ID and an edge-to-edge screen - that consumers most prize.

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