New McLaren BP23 will be fastest McLaren ever made

New Mc Laren BP23 Will Go Faster Than Legendary F1

391km/h, 3 seats: McLaren F1's successor is coming

We've reported earlier that the upcoming McLaren Ultimate Series "Hyper-GT" BP23 will be a seriously fast machine. Translation: it will be faster than the original F1, which set a world record with its 243 miles per hour top speed.

McLaren's next hypercar, known only by its BP23 codename at present, has been guaranteed a top speed in excess of 243 mph-the top speed of its original road vehicle, the F1. That 106-unit production run also refers to the original F1 road car's sales figure. In a statement, McLaren confirmed the new model will be able to surpass this speed, although it's unclear what the top speed target has been set at.

Like the F1, the McLaren BP23 will feature a novel three-seat layout that sees the driver sat centrally, ahead of two rear passengers. Production will begin in late 2019 and the BP23 name will likely change before production. McLaren says a public debut will take place before the end of this year, with a private preview held beforehand. McLaren is still keeping a few surprises to itself, as the actual top speed along with the BP23's actual name will be revealed closer to the car's unveiling.

It's already been decided that just 106 examples will be made, each one trimmed and finished to its owners taste by the McLaren Special Operations bespoke division at Woking - and yes, all 106 are already sold, at a cool £1.6 million (R26.25 million) each, before taxes.

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