No processed meats in school nutrition programme, says dept

Ready-to-Eat Processed Meat Source of South Africa's Listeria Outbreak

No processed meats in school nutrition programme, says dept

At least 180 people have died from listeriosis since the outbreak was detected early previous year.

The company said it subjects its products and facilities to strict standards as well as external independent maintenance.

"The food served to over nine million learners daily as part of the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) is safe and excludes these types of meat products".

"While we know that bologna is definitely implicated, there is a risk of cross-contamination of other ready-to-eat processed meat products, either at production, distribution or retail".

The bologna-style meat, called polony, is being urgently recalled from shops in South Africa, the country's health minister Aaron Motsoaledi said.

Unexpectedly, Polokwane signifies "Place of Safety". Eye Witness News' Senior Reporter Barry Bateman tweeted that Listerioris was identified at an Enterprise Processing Plant in Polokwane and a Rainbow Processing Plant in Germiston.

"Products recalled include the full Enterprise chilled ready-to-eat meats including all polony, salami, all shaved and cold meats, spreads, viennas and russians". Venture says it is participating completely.

Tiger Brand shares fell as much as 13 percent, the most since December 2015, and traded 6.6 percent lower at 9:50 Johannesburg. A RCL generation office is under scrutiny in the Listeria test. It can take up to 70 days after presentation for listeriosis manifestations to create.

We are removing products that may be linked to the listeriosis outbreak from our stores. Polony was the most ordinarily named handled meat item, trailed by Vienna/hotdogs and other "icy meats".

Supermarkets in South Africa have been clearing a popular sausage from the shelves after it was blamed for a food poisoning outbreak behind 180 deaths. The fact that the source could not be found hurt all food suppliers in South Africa and they were all advised to test their products.

Motsoaledi said it was at that phase of the examination that authorities chose to "visit all sustenance handling destinations, nourishment bundling locales and sustenance creation locales where conceivable". So far, there were no positive listeria results reported.

South African public health officials, along with three technical advisers from the Geneva, Switzerland-based World Health Organization, visited a food production facility in Polokwane and conducted extensive food and environmental sampling, according to Motsoaledi.

As of 02 March 2018, a total of laboratory-confirmed cases have risen to 948, still counting from January 2017.

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