NY passes common sense gun legislation

NY passes common sense gun legislation

NY passes common sense gun legislation

The Democratic-controlled state Assembly approved a package of gun control measures Tuesday, including bills meant to keep weapons away from domestic abusers and people deemed likely to cause harm.

It includes a measure that would prevent individuals determined to be a danger to themselves or others from buying a gun.

"We will continue fighting to ensure that we have the strongest and smartest gun laws possible to keep citizens and communities safe", said Heastie, a Bronx Democrat.

The bills also would ban the devices known as bump stocks, which can be used to increase the firing speed of semi-automatic rifles, and require out-of-state residents who also have homes in NY to waive the confidentiality of their home state's mental illness records if they want to own a gun in NY state.

The Democratic-led Assembly on Tuesday moved to advance gun control legislation as Senate Republicans increasingly sound willing to compromise on the issue.

Republicans in the Senate moved an alternative package on Monday, voting for bills that would bolster school security and add armed resource officers in schools. These bills have more to do with improving security, and would place armed officers in schools.

Some legislators voted no because the bill would allow state universities or colleges to be sued if students or others intentionally disrupt or hinder a campus speaker.

"I'm happy to hear that and when these things happen sometimes it shocks the system", Heastie said.

The assembly also plans to take up the domestic violence Escalation Prevention Act, which would prevent domestic violence abusers from having access to a gun. Cuomo has said it should be up to Congress to pass any meaningful gun-control legislation.

"Too often, we are able to see the warning signs that an individual close to us poses a risk of serious harm, but lack a mechanism to prevent unthinkable tragedies such as interpersonal gun violence or suicide", said Brooklyn Assembly member Jo Anne Simon who sponsored the bill.

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