PUBG giving away free weapon skin to celebrate first anniversary

PUBG giving away free weapon skin to celebrate first anniversary

PUBG giving away free weapon skin to celebrate first anniversary

Fortnite Battle Royale has this morning released a new "Starter Pack", which eagle-eyed players might remember was accidentally added to the game a number of weeks back.

As you might already know, the new bundle comes as a limited release, containing a few cosmetic items. Which game do you play the most, Fortnite or PUBG? Why?

Jump into Fortnite Battle Royale with the Starter Pack. None of the paid-for content affects gameplay, and this method of monetization is seen as one of the best ways of handling a free-to-play title. It is game which rewards you for your action which means if you are running around then you can get more materials for building.

Fortnite player progress was platform agnostic, meaning a player on PC could turn on their PlayStation 4 and get the same progression. Developer PUBG Corp. revealed last month that it is responding to that criticism with a third, smaller map. Many veterans of PUBG are more familiar with aimbot, a program that allows players to score consistent headshots without aiming their weapon.

The inclusion of supposed bots in players' early matches seems silly at first, and it does kind of cheapen the concept of the chicken dinner being this rare, hard-to-obtain thing.

There has been a lot of talk about cross-play compatibility between games these days.

Finally, the biggest announcement around PUBG is the region-locking measures being put in place - something players have been calling for, for some time now ever since the game launched in China and saw servers being flooded by hackers and cheaters.

Like any good survival experience, "Fortnite" will herd players into the battle bus and drop them off an island without any tutorial whatsoever. This game is not about the tactical realism instead it is about each game that encourages us to do in the world. You can complain about the viability of touch controls, but PUBG Mobile, along with Fortnite, goes a long way to show just how there's really nothing that much different from mobile gaming as compared to console and PC gaming. This will be awarded when you log on the game for free. Not only this but the very reason that Fortnite got so much popularity was through social media as well.

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