Request to extend PC leadership race dismissed

Request to extend PC leadership race dismissed

Request to extend PC leadership race dismissed

It's unclear who is behind this sad Twitter campaign.

Instead she alleges "serious irregularities" in the race. "And I look forward to offering my honest congratulations to our new Leader". Elliott's late husband, Jim Flaherty, was Harris's finance minister in 2001-02.

"I am honestly disappointed with the needless stress that this voting process has caused to Ontario PC Members", said Granic Allen in an emailed statement.

Ford, a former city councilor and older brother of late former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, was declared the victor at Saturday's convention in Markham after a seven-and-a-half hour delay.

"I'm anxious about Kathleen Wynne, not Christine right now", Ford told reporters as he walked in a St. Patrick's Day parade in Toronto.

"Tonight is a sign there is a lot of work ahead of us", Ford said, alluding to the challenges of the day. "We will put a platform forward that will speak to every Ontarian".

Toronto lawyer Caroline Mulroney placed third in the race, while social conservative advocate Tanya Granic Allen finished last.

Ford's win came after a tumultuous leadership event on Saturday.

CBC News reported earlier Saturday that Ford had indeed won the snap, six-week leadership race, but party officials decided not to announce any results until outstanding questions over some disputed ballots could be answered.

"Yesterday, following the tabulation of ballots, a challenge regarding allocation of electoral votes was heard by the Appeals Board and the issue was extensively investigated by the Chief Electoral Officer and the election team", Lefton explained.

Responding to the results on Sunday, Wynne said regardless of which candidate was chosen to be the next leader of the Ontario PC Party, the result would have been the same.

Former MPP Frank Klees, the runner-up to Tim Hudak in the 2009 leadership contest, fumed on Saturday that "this is not a good night" for the party. "I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ontario will be open for business".

Ford, Mulroney and Granic Allen have all pushed for the party to extend the leadership race by a week in order to ensure all members can participate.

It's incredibly rare for the courts to overturn the results of an election, however, and it would be more effective to seek an injunction before the votes are tallied, he said. "That just was very disrespectful".

The 44-day long leadership race had been prompted reportedly by the January resignation of former leader Patrick Brown following allegations of sexual misconduct made by two women.

"The political elites, they distribute PIN numbers to a special group - and I don't know who picks this group - and then Mr. and Mrs. Smith. they don't get to vote", Ford told The Canadian Press. Ford set the agenda for the campaign, goading his rivals into abandoning attempts by the PC caucus to remake themselves as a modern party - no longer reconciled to a modernized sex education curriculum or a future-minded approach to carbon pricing to fight global warming.

On Thursday she told iPolitics she would not consider challenging Saturday's result.

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