Sea of Thieves drops plans for "death tax" after community pushback

Sea of Thieves drops plans for

Sea of Thieves drops plans for "death tax" after community pushback

But in a forum post late last week, Rare announced a coming "death cost" feature would add a "small gold fee" to be deducted every time your character dies, upping the stakes and presumably providing additional motivation to avoiding those unplanned deaths. If you want to get into details, there is a more specific merchant cheat sheet that can help you get more important locations.

The developers of Sea of Thieves recently came under fire from the game's community after announcing that they'd be introducing a "Death Tax" in the game.

The Sea of Thieves team has already addressed other player complaints following the game's launch, including concerns that Sea of Thieves may be lacking in cosmetic or overall content. Those factors alone forced Rare to take a harder look at the system, and decide to side with the players. I'm enjoying Sea of Thieves now both Solo and in a crew and I could see why people were annoyed. When you bite the bullet and find yourself on the ghostly ship of the afterlife, Rare wanted players to feel the sting in their pockets.

Okay, so as part of a future Sea of Thieves update Rare was looking to implement what was being dubbed a "Death Cost".

Sea of Thieves is a sandbox open world where you are free to roam it with other players.

In a new developer update video, executive producer Joe Neate explained why the patch is so big.

At any rate, with Sea of Thieves players having to use gold as a means to purchase loot, it's understandable as to why many would be up in arms against the Death Cost being implemented in the pirate-themed adventure game. "Thanks for the honest feedback & discussion on this".

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