Spring Forward Time Change

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Spring Forward Time Change

During Daylight Saving Time, the sun sets one hour later in the evenings, so the need to use electricity for household lighting and appliances is reduced. However, it is also a reminder that "springing forward" means losing an hour sleep the next day. Arizona and Hawaii are the only ones that do not have to "spring forward" Sunday. For instance, if you go to bed at 11 p.m. on Saturday, set your clocks ahead one hour to midnight.

Consider that the most influential force in putting Daylight Saving Time in place in 1966 was a business lobby, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Whether to sign the bill - proposed in the wake of the high school massacre in Parkland - is an important political consideration for Scott, who is term-limited and is widely expected to challenge Florida's Democratic US senator, Bill Nelson, in the November mid-term election.

Supporters noted that some studies suggest that daylight saving time changes can lead to an increase in heart attacks and auto accidents. Is there a whole point to changing the clocks? You might also revert to starting your morning commute in the dark, at least until the days lengthen.

But the questions is, should we keep doing this or should we just stick to one time, whether that's standard time or daylight saving time?

The first places to use daylight saving time were some cities and regions of Canada in the early 1900s and then Germany in World War I. This was also around the same time the US first implemented the plan.

The "Sunshine Protection Act", is headed for the desk of Governor Rick Scott next, but even if he signs it, that won't be enough.

Daylight Saving Time benefits some businesses - particularly the golf, grill and recreation ones.

Arizona, Hawaii, and the territories like Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and American Samoa do not use DST.

Houston County, which sits on the Florida and Georgia line, is already accustomed to dealing with changes of time zones, so Florida's move would likely only be a minor inconvenience to local businesses that do work in Florida.

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