Surprise pension bill approved by House

Democratic state Rep. Rick Rand speaks against a bill to change the state’s troubled pension system on Thursday

Surprise pension bill approved by House

Straub Elementary School teacher Cynthia Reynolds was out of the state on Friday, but spoke about her concerns with the pension bill.

Schools in more than 20 Kentucky counties were closed Friday as teachers across the state, frustrated by a pension reform bill passed by the legislature called in sick.

Bevin had not signed the bill as of Friday afternoon. "Anyone who will receive a retirement check in the years ahead, owes a deep debt of gratitude to these 71 men and women who did the right thing".

"Basically, last summer there was pension bill proposal put out that I could not support because it did a lot to the people that were now working", he said.

The show of force comes amid growing unrest among public educators nationwide, led by thousands of West Virginia teachers who walked off the job for nine days earlier this year to secure a 5 percent pay raise.

Kentucky lawmakers defied angry educators and passed a pension overhaul Thursday night.

"We congratulate our legislative leaders for their persistence and determination in passing legislation that substantially lowers future benefit-accrual rates while simultaneously providing for a solid future retirement income for our teachers and state workers", Waters said. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, speaks on Senate Bill 151, the pension bill, in the Senate on March 29.

GIS Superintendent Keith Hale told the Glasgow Daily Times over the phone that Glasgow Independent did not have an increase of teachers calling out sick on Friday.

In Kentucky, the teacher absences touched off school closings in the state's largest school systems, in Louisville and Lexington.

On Friday, Beshear said that legislators broke their promise but that he would keep his promise to sue.

"We are at a crossroads here and if we go the wrong way it will be to our Commonwealth's detriment", an emotional KEA President Stephanie Winkler told the crowd.

"I believe it will mainly affect our ability to hire teachers in the future", he said. The union is planning a rally Monday at the state capitol when much of the state is on spring break and lawmakers are scheduled to reconvene to possibly vote on a two-year operating budget.

"Maybe we should balance the budget on everybody's backs". David Givens, R-Greensburg, voted in favor of the bill, while Rep. Steve Riley, R-Glasgow, voted against it. "This is good news for teachers, current, retired and future, because it puts Kentucky's pension systems on a path to sustainability". Republican Rep. John "Bam" Carney said lawmakers expect it to save $300 million over the next 30 years.

SB 151 - an act relating to the local provision of wastewater services - passed the Kentucky House by a 49-46 vote, and it passed the Kentucky Senate by a 22-15 vote. Sen.

The plan, which quickly passed out of a committee and both chambers of the legislature on Thursday evening, would no longer offer defined-benefit pensions to newly hired teachers, instead enrolling them in cash-balance plans that rely on stock market growth.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that the state's largest district, Jefferson County Schools, closed because of significant teacher absences that left it unable to "safely cover a large number of classes with substitute teachers", according to a statement. "Teachers don't just teach anymore".

I have confirmed through a document that parts of what lawmakers voted on Thursday night were analyzed. But Republicans who support the bill noted a proposal the KEA supported included similar language. But Wayne argued in committee and on the House floor that it is illegal to pass the bill without an actuarial study.

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