Update to Amazon's Alexa after unprompted laughter

Update to Amazon's Alexa after unprompted laughter

Update to Amazon's Alexa after unprompted laughter

In truly petrifying news, Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo device, has begun manically laughing at random.

As first reported by BuzzFeed, some Amazon Echo users with voice-enabled Alexa have reported that their virtual assistant just randomly starts laughing.

Amazon responded to requests for comment by saying that the company was aware of the issue and is now "working to fix it".

"It turns out that in rare circumstances, Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase "Alexa, laugh" even when that's not what was said". As such, it is changing, the command to "Alexa, can you laugh?" and disabling the phrase "Alexa, laugh".

Customers have been reporting on Twitter and Reddit that their Amazon Echo devices have suddenly been starting to laugh and the company has been trying to stop this from happening. "Please try a little later"; "I'm not sure what went wrong" and "Sorry, your Echo lost its connection".

The engineers at Amazon, by the end of the day, deployed the software update which would fix the creepy laughs.

The program activates by saying the word "Alexa" then a command like "play music".

But some users reported that the laughter occurred without Alexa being prompted to wake.

"We use it for the weather in the morning and we always just say goodnight", she says.

So "Who you gonna call?" well Amazon has promised the issue will be fixed and reassures frightened owners of the Smart Speaker the chilling noises will be removed.

"We got home and, totally unprompted, our Amazon Echo/Alexa started talking", one Alexa owner shared.

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