112-Year-Old Japanese Is World's Oldest Man

AFP  File  Josep LAGO

AFP File Josep LAGO“Rare earths” are found in several high tech products including mobile phones

Masazo Nonaka, a 112-year-old Japanese man residing in the country's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, was recognised as the world's oldest living male, Guinness World Records said on Tuesday. Nonaka was born on July 25, 1905 - 42 days before the Russo-Japanese War ended. The first radio broadcast happened in 1906.

A supercentenarian whose family has run a hot springs inn in northern Japan for four generations has been certified as the world's oldest living man. He regularly soaks in the springs and enjoys eating candies. His home is also a hot spring inn dating back more than a century that Nonaka used to run with his wife.

Even though Nonaka's longevity is an fantastic feat, there are several people alive today who are even older - but all of them are women.

Guinness World Records is now investigating title holders for the Oldest person living (female), as no one has taken this title since 117-year-old Violet Brown (Jamaica) passed away in July 2017.

Guinness World Records has officially awarded Masazo Nonaka title of oldest man living at the.

In 1931, he married Hatsuno and went on to have five children with her.

ASHORO, Japan, April 10 (Reuters) - A 112-year-old Japanese man born months before Albert Einstein published his theory of special relativity was recognised on Tuesday as the world's oldest man.

Mr Nonaka manoeuvres himself in his wheelchair, reads a newspaper after breakfast every morning, and loves to watch sumo wrestling and samurai dramas on TV. He likes to spend time with his family and their two cats called Kuro and Haru.

Although he believes his longevity is because of soaking in hot springs and eating candies, his daughter does not think so.

There are around 68,000 people aged 100 or older in the country, the government said a year ago.

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