Apple Said to Be Working on a Curved iPhone With Touchless Controls

Apple Said to Be Working on a Curved iPhone With Touchless Controls

Apple Said to Be Working on a Curved iPhone With Touchless Controls

But with the chief Apple rumormonger, Mark Gurman, now at Bloomberg, a reputable news source, these stories take on a new air of respectability. Co-founder Steve Jobs popularized the mouse in the early 1980s. But unlike the Samsung, Apple's implementation of the curved screen will be different. Changing the way that users interact with screens could offer something new on the market depending on how it's implemented.

According to Bloomberg, these displays will gradually curve inward from top to bottom, where as every iPhone model in the past, with the exception of the iPhone X, have used flat displays. Samsung has tried, but their smartphones are limited to a curve along the edges, except the curved smartphone launched in the past. Apple introduced pressure-sensitive displays with the addition of 3D Touch following the release of the iPhone 6s and the Apple Watch, though few apps take advantage of the feature in a way that makes sense.

Organic Light Emitting Diode displays, aka OLED displays, are flexible and can be shaped into curves or even folded, unlike LCD. A curved iPhone may be as little as two to three years away, the person said.

The analyst note of Merill Lynch mirrors a Korean report from the previous year, claiming that Apple is working with OLED division of LG for supplying foldable screens for a forthcoming iPhone.

The work comes as the Cupertino, California-based smartphone pioneer looks to make its gadgets stand out. It's mentioned that the touchless gesture control feature may not arrive for another two years, and it's also possible the company will "not go forward" with either of these concepts.

Apple often moves slowly to adopt new technologies.

If you depend on your one iPhone or iPad to get through the day, you probably want to stay put on iOS 11.3 or whatever you're now running on your device.

As suggested by the name, the touchless gesture control feature will allow users to let their fingers "hover close to the screen without actually touching it". Google's ATAP research group is also working on a similar technology through a program called Project Soli.

Samsung has been toying with curved screen technology for a while now and it seems as if Apple is about to get onto the bandwagon too.

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