Danish submarine inventor sentenced to life for murdering journalist Kim Wall

The trial of Peter Madsen shocked many in Denmark where only a handful of people are currently serving life sentences

Danish submarine inventor sentenced to life for murdering journalist Kim Wall

Peter Madsen, the Danish submarine inventor at the center of the mysterious death of Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for killing and dismembering Wall in a macabre case that has drawn worldwide attention.

"He committed a cynical, planned murder, of a particularly brutal nature", judge Anette Burko said as she read out the verdict, adding that Madsen "dismembered the body in order to hide the evidence of murder".

Wall was stabbed and cut by the Danish inventor - killing in her genitals - before he dumped her body into the sea.

Madsen consistently denied charges of murder and sexual assault, claiming Wall died by accident from carbon dioxide poisoning, although he admitted to dismembering her body and tossing it into the sea in a state of panic.

Ms Wall's dismembered remains were discovered at sea in August previous year, more than a week after she went missing. He then claimed she had died accidentally when she was hit in the head by the submarine's hatch.

Wall was a freelance journalist who had reported on topics such as tourism in post-earthquake Haiti and nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands and split her time between NY and China.

The court was also shown videos and animated films found on the hard drive of Madsen's computer, in which women were impaled, hanged and decapitated.

According to police, Madsen changed his story multiple times.

Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen asked the court to give the inventor life in prison, the maximum possible sentence for such crimes and a harsh one by Danish standards.

Wall embarked on Madsen's submarine on August 10 to interview the entrepreneur.

Mr Buch-Jensen also revealed the conclusion of a court-ordered psychiatric report on Madsen, which described the defendant being "intelligent, emotionally impaired with a severe lack of empathy, anger and guilt. and with psychopathic tendencies".

She never returned from the trip, and her boyfriend reported her missing the next morning. But by the time he finally texted her, his cash flow had dried up and he had cancelled the planned test launch later that month. "You make it smaller".

Madsen has said the reporter's death was accidental.

When arrested, Madsen had specks of Wall's blood on his nostrils, scratches on his forearms, and traces of semen in his underwear, The Guardian reported.

During the trial, witnesses painted a picture of Madsen as a tech nerd who was intensely competitive, often to the detriment of friendships and relationships.

It also noted that on the night before Wall boarded his vessel, he googled "beheaded girl agony", which Madsen said was a "pure coincidence".

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