Dwyane Wade Saved The Miami Heat's Season Last Night

Durant and Thompson both weighed in with 30-point games as the Warriors powered to a 116-101 win that puts the National Basketball Association champions 2-0 up in their best-of-seven series. The series is now tied 1-1 heading back to Miami.

The Sixers' star big man took to Instagram to air his frustrations following Philly's 113-103 Game 2 loss to the Heat at Wells Fargo Center on Monday.

"It's a great feeling when you go into that bag", Wade said following the game. "It wasn't about an individual, necessary challenge against those guys, it was about us as a group. I can't wait for Joel to come back and help us because we're a better team with him". He poured in 21 points in the opening half as Miami flipped the script following the poor start.

The Sixers' loss to the Heat highlighted they can not rely on their long-range shooting to get through the series. Having a 7-foot ace in the hole is nice, but as the series heads back to Miami, the Heat look capable of dragging things out at minimum, with Wade as the closer they needed all season. That run stretched out to 16-2.

At the same time, the Sixers weren't scoring the same way.

Miami was aggressive defensively and it showed on the Sixers shooing only 42 percent for the game and an anemic 20 percent from three.

It was certainly normal, Toby Keith notwithstanding, in how nonplussed Wade appeared throughout the moment, from collected glare to clinical footwork to a hard fourth-quarter foul that welcomed a driving Ben Simmons to postseason play. Brown turned back to Amir Johnson to start the second half, and neither player offers the imposing defensive presence down low that Embiid does. The coach said earlier Monday that Embiid had not yet been cleared to take contact during workouts. However, with pressure on Simmons those passes just did not work the same way as Game 1.

At half time both Miami and Philly had only nine assists to nine turnovers, however Miami could break down the Sixer defenders going one-on-one.

"Once the balls start falling for you then it just goes from there".

3-Point Goals-Miami 9-25 (Ellington 3-8, J.Johnson 2-2, T.Johnson 1-1, Olynyk 1-2, Dragic 1-3, Richardson 1-5, Wade 0-1, Adebayo 0-1, Winslow 0-2), Philadelphia 7-36 (Saric 3-10, Belinelli 2-8, Redick 1-7, Covington 1-9, Ilyasova 0-2).

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