Erdogan calls Israel premier 'occupier' and 'terrorist'

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani speaks during a press conference in Tehran Iran

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani speaks during a press conference in Tehran Iran

"Hey Netanyahu! You are occupier".

"You're an occupier. You're there on that land as an occupier".

"What you do to the oppressed Palestinians will be part of history and we will never forget it", he said, adding: "The Israeli people are uncomfortable with what you're doing".

On Saturday, Erdogan said during a speech in Istanbul, "I strongly condemn the Israeli government over its inhumane attack".

"The most moral army in the world", Netanyahu said of the IDF, "will not be preached to from someone who for years has indiscriminately bombed civilian populations".

"Apparently, this is how they mark April 1 in Ankara", Netanyahu added, in reference to April's Fool Day.

Turkey's president on Sunday criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his remarks targeting Turkey's ongoing anti-terror operation in Afrin, Syria. Israel says it was responding to Palestinian rioting along the Israel-Gaza border, as tens of thousands of Palestinians marched in the name of Palestinian refugees who fled or were expelled from their homes in present-day Israel.

Israeli military Gen Ronen Manelis told journalists on Saturday that Hamas - the militant group that controls Gaza - was using protests as a cover for launching attacks on Israel.

One hundred IDF snipers were deployed to target leaders who were organizing violence and attempts to breach or damage the security fence. "All the fatalities were aged 18-30, several of the fatalities were known to us, and at least two of them were members of Hamas commando forces", he said in a late afternoon statement.

Erdoğan said Netanyahu can not find proper worldwide support for his actions and reminded the Turkey-sponsored United Nations resolution rejecting the U.S.'s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital by a vote of 128-9.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas declared Saturday a day of national mourning and in a speech said he held Israel fully responsible for the deaths. "Respect to our soldiers who are guarding the country's borders and allowing Israeli citizens to celebrate the (Passover) holiday in peace".

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