Fit will be important for UCLA QB Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen

Fit will be important for UCLA QB Josh Rosen

No other period in the National Football League calendar produces such baseless generalisations, and no draft narrative was more bewildering than the one to have recently engulfed Rosen. Instead you have to do your homework and when it comes to the Miami Dolphins medical staff, well lets just say Drew Brees. He wasn't the first quarterback taken though; he was the fourth with Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen all going before him. More importantly, he doesn't drop his eyes when pressure surrounds him, and continues to read the play. There is a belief out there that the rookie doesn't care about football because he was quoted saying that if his NFL career failed he wouldn't have to get a job at McDonalds.

"Coming out of high school, Ricky Town was the dude. he was going to USC, I was going to UCLA", Rosen said. Other prospects have questions about how raw and/or inaccurate they are, and Rosen does not have those concerns. But I know it's hard because there are also other players in that position, many other players on that position, that play global and play on good teams and also play good seasons.

During the past 12 months at UCLA, Rosen has been very outspoken in his criticisms of both collegiate athletics and President Trump. ESPN analyst Louis Riddick said, "from a prototypical, pro-style quarterback, (Rosen) is the best one by far". On Wednesday, it was reported that the New England Patriots are interested in Rosen - and they have the 23rd overall pick (although they could trade with another team to get a higher slot). Rosen is an excellent anticipatory thrower and he routinely throws receivers open. From a head-to-toe mechanics standpoint, Rosen is almost ideal. "I like silencing crowds; that's a big thing", Rosen said. As a sophomore in 2016, Rosen played in only six games as he had surgery on his throwing shoulder. With that selection, the Cardinals picked up Rosen. The Miami Dolphins, at No. 11, were a possibility for Rosen if he slipped one more pick. If you don't think I'm right for your team, don't draft me.

Although Rosen had an up-and-down final season with the UCLA Bruins, even seeing his head coach fired, he showcased the ability to lead his team back from the brink multiple times. I just haven't tried to hide it or fool teams into thinking I'm someone I'm not. Could one of those deals land Josh Rosen?

Is a team investing a Top 5 pick in Josh Rosen getting the next Matt Ryan? I'm not really tackling anybody.

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