Fox's Laura Ingraham to take week off as advertisers flee amid controversy

Fox News host Laura Ingraham mocked David Hogg for his college rejections

Fox News host Laura Ingraham mocked David Hogg for his college rejections

Liberty Mutual said Friday that it is no longer advertising on Laura Ingraham's show, making it the third MA company to reconsider its relationship with the Fox News host who mocked a teenage survivor of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

The controversy began on Wednesday, when Ingraham tweeted, "David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it".

Hogg urged his followers on Twitter to contact advertisers for Ingraham's prime time show, and by Thursday afternoon, after at least two companies had distanced themselves from the program, the host offered an apology.

Ingraham announced she was taking a pre-planned break with her children for Easter after Hogg successfully rallied his social media following and pressured companies to pull their advertising dollars from "The Ingraham Angle". "We'd like to confirm that we are no longer advertising on Laura Ingraham's show and are monitoring all of our ad placements carefully", the company said.

According to reports, more than 10 advertisers have either pulled away or completely dropped running commercials on Ingraham's weekday show. Nutrish, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Expedia, Nestle, Jos A Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Hulu, Stitch Fix, Jenny Craig, Office Depot, Honda, Liberty Mutual, Principal, Miracle-Ear, Ruby Tuesday, Atlantis, and Entertainment Studios have all announced they are cutting spend leaving IBM and side sponsors like MyPillow. "I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight".

In a series of tweets late Thursday evening hog went after Arby's for their advertising on Ingraham's show.

Ingraham, in addition to apologising, tried to curtail the damage by noting that Hogg had appeared on her show after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14.

"We also believe Americans can disagree while still being agreeable, and that the free exchange of ideas within a community, in a peaceful manner, is the cornerstone of our democracy", the company said through a spokesman. Hogg went as far as to publish the private names and emails of executives at Arby's to pressure them into pulling their advertisements.

Earlier Thursday, pet food company Nutrish said in a tweet that it is "in the process of removing our ads from Laura Ingraham's program". With that size of an audience and following - Ingraham is also a longtime radio host - advertisers could find her program hard to ignore in the future. After Sean Hannity supported Alabama judge Roy Moore in his campaign for the USA senate, five companies removed their ads, including Keurig.

But her apology did not stop companies from departing.

Online home goods retailer Wayfair told the Hill publication that Ingraham's personal criticism of Hogg was "not consistent with our values".

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