Google, Amazon services blocked in Russian Federation

Google, Amazon services blocked in Russian Federation

Google, Amazon services blocked in Russian Federation

On Monday, Roskomnadzor began blocking Telegram in accordance with a court decision due to the messenger's refusal to provide encryption keys necessary to decode user data. This ban triggered Durov to call upon a "Digital Resistance", which has certainly taken its toll in Russian Federation after almost 18 million IP addresses have been knocked.

Roskomnadzor confirmed the blocking of Google's IP-addresses due to the fact that the company allows Telegram to work in Russian Federation.

From what we understand, Google Search, Gmail and push notifications for Android apps are among the products being affected. The company is now investigating reports about Russian users encountering problems using features such as Gmail and Google's search engine, Silicon Republic writes.

Google verifies complaints of Russians on the failures of the services. This is not really surprising as Russian Federation is one of the countries that enforce digital firewalls. Some turn to VPNs to access that content anyway, but it turns out that Telegram hasn't needed to rely on that workaround to get used.

RKN, however, has instructed cloud Telegram cloud providers and App store distributors like Apple and Google to remove Telegram from their app stores, however many see this order as dictatorial, Andreev said that Russia's continuous ban of apps and services could turn out with some negative repercussions. Currently, it is supporting up to 2 million users simultaneously, although this is a relatively small proportion considering Telegram has around 14 million users in the country (and, likely, more considering all the free publicity it's been getting).

The mass blockage of IP addresses is happening in an effort to curb Telegram from hopping from one IP address to a new one when one is blocked by Roskomnadzor authorities.

The Russian justice system has sided with security services in rejecting the Telegram messaging app's claim that private correspondence on its platform is guaranteed by the constitution.

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