Hungary's anti-immigration premier wins election again

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Hungary's anti-immigration premier wins election again

This puts Orbán on course for a third consecutive term in office as Hungary's Prime Minister. "A great battle is behind us". "We have won. Today Hungary had a decisive victory". The final result is expected later this month. "There were no small victories for the opposition".

According to Reuters, the re-elected Fidesz government announced Monday that Orban is poised to leverage his recent massive electoral victory to restrict the political influence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - many reportedly financed by worldwide progressive moneyman George Soros - from promoting what the government sees as illegal immigration and open border policies. He first governed in 1998-2002 before returning to power in 2010 after two terms of scandal-filled Socialist rule. Fidesz may even be on track to win its coveted two-thirds "supermajority" in parliament which would grant it wide powers to press ahead with controversial measures and change the constitution.

Orban alleges that the opposition - collaborating with the United Nations, the European Union and wealthy philanthropist George Soros - wants to turn Hungary into an "immigrant country", flooding it with mostly Muslim migrants and threatening its security and Christian identity.

At a news conference with worldwide media two days after cruising to his third straight term, Orban said his government had already drawn up a "Stop Soros" package of legislation.

New draft laws could see curbs on groups that work with asylum-seekers in Hungary.

"So-called NGOs. are helping illegal immigration happen", Mr Kovacs said.

Experts said the landslide victory could lead to government campaigns against other civic groups, independent media, the Soros-founded Central European University in Budapest and parts of the judiciary that upset Orban with some of its rulings. The headlines included "Migrant gangs fought in England", "They can't stand it anymore in Sweden: They've had enough of migrants", and "A migrant in underpants beat a German retiree half to death". The high turnout, he said, had "cast aside all doubts". Numerous polling places remained open past closing time to accommodate long lines of people waiting to cast ballots.

"I'm pleased with the election victory, it's once again a very clear win for Viktor Orban", Horst Seehofer, German federal interior minister, told reporters in Munich.

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