In 'Bonkers' Fox & Friends Tirade, Trump Blatantly 'Threatens to Obstruct Justice'

European Press

European Press

Watch four minutes of the clip below and you'll see why. The idea is captured in the term itself: Certain info would be too risky to USA national security if it circulated freely so the government dams it up and seals it off. Trump said that he believed that West, who recently tweeted that Trump was his "brother", had doubtless done an analysis of the falling unemployment rates in the black and Latin-American communities.

Trump said in a telephone interview with "Fox & Friends" that he is "very disappointed in my Justice Department".

Meanwhile, Comey interviewed several people in connection with Hillary Clinton, said Lewandowski, but never took any memos from those meetings.

Comey has said that Trump's leadership style is "strikingly similar" to that of a mob boss in his new memoir. ("I taught them it's fake news!") It was that kind of interview, one in which a long stretch of sentence fragments about Kim Jong Un ("Could be that I walk out. who knows?") would be a blur but for this concentration-focussing assertion about recent events: "Let me tell you".

But wait, Cooper replies. "You look at the corruption at the top of the F.B.I. -it's a disgrace! Isn't that leaking?" Cooper asked. That's the nature of bureaucracies generally and the nature of law-enforcement bureaucracies in particular, since knowing what the police know is an advantage for bad guys. He was careful to note that his host network, Fox News, treats him "fairly" even if they're not "perfect for me".

The president did say that Cohen represented him in "this insane Stormy Daniels deal", referring to the $130,000 payment made to an adult film star shortly before the election to silence her allegations that she and Trump had an affair a dozen years ago. It reeks of vindictiveness.

Comey a year ago created a series of contemporaneous memos - some classified, some not - to document his interactions with Trump. Comey's spent the last two weeks lecturing America about the momentous importance of civic virtue.

President Trump said he did spend the night in Moscow during a 2013 trip to Russian Federation, and he accused former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey of lying about their conversations about the trip, which plays a key role in the Steele dossier.

What Comey could have and should have said here was that the fact of his firing changed his assessment of the public interest. Cohen, though, had claimed that the agreement was a "private transaction"-a deal between him and Clifford, not Trump".

When asked to rate his presidency, before awarding himself an A+, Trump denounced the ongoing investigations against him and complained that federal authorities should be concentrating on the misdeeds of his political enemies. "We investigated leaks. Unauthorized disclosures", Comey responded.

Comey's written authorization would have had to come from his supervisor, either Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, or President Donald Trump, said Lewandowski.

"He's just wrong", Comey told Baier.

The president insists he "never said" he left Moscow without spending the night. "So I go there to Russian Federation". A day or two...

"He said I didn't stay there a night".

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